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Personal history

For many years if someone asked me "what do you do?", my reply would be 'I'm a fly fisherman'. I would like to think that after all the time, money and effort I have put into this sport, art, passion, addiction, I am quite a good one! But it has been a long journey of constant learning.

My fly fishing history

I was probably about eight or nine years old when I caught my first trout not on a fly but a worm impaled on a bent pin attached to some line and a bamboo stick (I know it sounds like a cliché but its true).

My first introduction and inspiration to fly fishing came a couple years latter when a friend's grandfather took us fishing. He was a former miner who had lost half an arm underground in a mining accident. I watched with amazement as he caught trout after trout from this small river (Dulais). He would cast with his one arm, then place the rod under the opposite arm trapping it against his body and retrieving the line with his one hand.

Excuse the pun but I was hooked ever since!

My own fly fishing journey started in South Wales where I live and has taken me all around Britain and Ireland into France, Sweden, America and the holy grail for trout anglers - New Zealand. It was here that I fished on well over seventy different waters from small streams to large spate river, tail waters, chalk streams and lakes. I suppose you could say I was a 'trout bum' as our American cousins call them. I would like to think of it as serving my apprenticeship and putting myself through my fly fishing education. There is no substitute for being out there!

In 1990 I volunteered to act as a controller at the world championships being held on the river Dee in Wales. The organisers did not need any more controllers so I watched the competitors from differing countries competing against each other. It was amazing to see the anglers from the Eastern Block counties of Poland and Czechoslovakia catching trout at their feet. This method, Czech nymphing, was quite an eye opener and took a lot of the competitors by surprise.

I went away from that thinking this was the way to go and spent some years working away at it. It is a very effective way of taking both grayling and trout from water that you wouldn't be able to fish normally. It secured me a place as a Welsh river International, River Champion in 1994 and a heat winner at the 2001 World fly fishing championships in Sweden.

I now feel that I can assist fellow anglers to get more from this great sport whether by guiding them to new and differing waters or different fishing techniques.


  • 1994 Welsh National rivers Champion
  • Top Welsh competitor at 2001 World Championships in Sweden and section /heat winner.
  • Six Seasons spent in New Zealand (over 70 rivers 10 lakes)
  • Fished 70+ loughs, lakes and lyns in the British Isles
  • Fished 110+ different rivers throughout out Britain and Ireland
  • Wales - 52 rivers and 25 lakes or lyns
  • Sweden - 6 rivers 2 lakes
  • France - 2 rivers

Best Specimens on Fly

  • 6 Natural Brown trout over 10 lbs. 2 in one day (New Zealand)
  • 400 wild trout over 5lbs
  • 25 wild brown trout in 4.25 hours New Zealand averaging 2.5 lbs. in weight
  • 50+ small brown in an afternoon fishing in Ireland (boat)
  • Best natural brown 4lbs.5oz Gillaroo (Ireland lough)
  • River brown Wales 23.5 inch approx. 4.lbs
  • Sea Trout Wales 7.75 lbs.
  • Grayling Wales 51 cm 3 .25 lbs.
  • Chub 6 lbs
  • Mullet 5.5lbs

Tel: 01639 639076 International: +44 1639 639076
Cell/Mobile: 07868 782843 International: +44 7868 782843
Email: kim@flyfishingwales.com free site statistics


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