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Here are a few quotes from some of my recent clients. I thank you all for your kind words.

"Fishing was extremely good and Kim’s instruction eye-opening. He is a great asset to you and should be mandatory if people want to get the most out of these rivers." Richard Household (To Wye & Usk Foundation)


"I was particularly pleased with the way you taught my son not only to catch fish, but to respect and care for them so that they could be released unharmed." Steven Wheeler


"Kim is a true professional. He sized up my skills very quickly and didn't waste a lot of time with things I didn't need. No "one size fits all' for Kim. I was in the river and catching fish very quickly. Kim even taught me a little trick to show off with when I go to the U.S.!It was a great day out and I can highly recommend Kim's service." T.J.Linzy USA


"Just a very quick email to let you know that both Jon and I had an amazing day on the River Wye with Kim yesterday."

"I am definitely now keen to get into the sport thanks to Jon's encouragement and Kim's persistence!!" Samantha Kennedy (To Wye & Usk Foundation)


"....A good teacher, he also proved a good friend. I hope that it will not be the last time I have the pleasure of fishing with him! " Malcolm

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"It was fantastic! Kim was a truly brilliant guide - so passionate and enthusiastic about the sport and boundlessly knowledgeable..." Lizzy Spratt


"I had a very good day with Kim last week, thank you. I would like to book some more fishing please." Charles Stanley-Evans


"Fishing was not so easy but with the help from Kim Tribe I have quickly learnt a lot of important things." Jörg Blunschi, Switzerland

"There's fishing; there's good fishing and there's fishing with Kim Tribe!! A day on the Wye at Llangurig last Saturday. I was promised a big one. How right he was!!" Dave Davis  

"This was my second fishing trip with you and again, I learnt more in a day than I could possibly learn on my own in years." Hamish Hiddleston

" I'm writing you to thank you again for the wonderful fishing holidays on Wye and Usk rivers. We really appreciated your relaxed approach to fly fishing, your advice and we will treasure your teachings!!!! Catching that grayling (42 cm!) was pure adrenaline!"

Fabiola Sciutto, Italy.

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I spent two great days with Kim in October 2005 at a time when conditions were dreadful. As I drove across from Birmingham on the morning of our first day, I crossed several angry looking rivers and wondered what on earth we could possibly expect to achieve. I was wrong to be so pessimistic.

With the rain still falling, Kim took me to a stretch of water that was remarkably fishable and on a most enjoyable day I took many fish. His passion for the sport is boundless and this gave confidence to an angler like me who was relatively new to the fly sport.

On the second day, conditions deteriorated further and yet despite this we caught fish. When fishing in driving rain and a harsh cross wind, Kim set up a rod with a hybrid of Czech nymphing and distance nymphing and this produced a beautiful Grayling of over 2lbs.

I enjoyed his company both on the riverbank, and when recounting fishing experiences and learning to tie flies in the hotel bar, and would recommend the experience to anyone. Tim Andrews



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