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I am able to provide tuition to all levels of fishermen, from complete novice to the experienced fisherman looking to improve his technique or just to experience the wonderful Welsh waters.

  • Selecting the right line and fly
  • Setting up your equipment
  • Reading the river
  • Wading safely
  • Casting to catch fish
  • Landing your fish

Instruction sessions include:

  • Half or full day instructions and guiding in: Wet fly fishing methods, leader set ups, fly selection and mending the line.
  • Dry fly and emerger, matching the hatch and presentation.
  • Dry fly and nymph combination.
  • Nymph fishing methods (Czech nymphing, bugging, high stick or New Zealand style)
  • Learn how to read the river, where fish lie and how to wade safely with stealth.
  • Sea trout (sewin) on the river Neath and Towy
  • Mountain lakes (llyns) fishing for wild brown trout
  • 4x4 transport to and from your location
  • Tackle, waders and other equipment can be provided, licences and permits arranged.
  • Tailored Welsh fishing trips
  • Hosted New Zealand trips, seven years fishing experience over there on over 70 rivers.

Tel: 01639 639076 International: +44 1639 639076
Cell/Mobile: 07868 782843 International: +44 7868 782843
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