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Fly fishing is not a simple matter. What technique to use on the different waters, at different times of the year, all add to the complexity of fly fishing. Some rivers you can stand and thrash the water all day with no result until you simply change your technique and then you cant pull them in fast enough. The secret behind this is reading the river. Knowing what technique to use on what water will make the difference between catching fish and not. You can learn to read the river yourself. You can work out what is the best technique on what water. You can guess where the fish like to swim. But it all takes time, perhaps years. The learning curve is very very shallow and slow.

This where I can help - in two ways.

  • Guiding you to the right spots
  • Teaching you how to read the river and decide on the correct technique

So straight away you are on to the fish. No wasting time and immediately you have learnt something useful.

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